• In the background an image of Jay’s former band studio based in Leidschendam. Jay still does producing, recording and mixing for other artists. If you’re interested, please contact me.

  • In the background you see the artwork of the song ‘Walk the World’, sung by Leonardo with an awesome rap by rapper Vastah from Delft.

  • In the background you see a drawing of the real girl Golnar in Iran. A nice colaboration with Jay’s Iranian friends is finised. We re-arranged the old poetic Iranian folk song ‘Golnar’ so that younger people can once again enjoy the great lyrics of this old song.

  • In the background you see some funny artwork intended as a draft for one of the latest songs, ‘Speed’. If anyone is quite comfortable with Photoshop, would someone help to make this into a really nice pic?


Hi, be welcome to check out some of my music and other artistic activities

Recent News

  • Vacation Inspiration – camping sounds turned into music

    During a small inspiring vacation a expression camping Charme, Coullons, France, Jay recorded and sampled familiar camping sounds and the environment. He then turned this into a nice piece of electronic music, that will be on soundcloud in a couple of days.

  • Dr. Livingstone reunion rehearsel

    Fusion band Dr. Livingstone with Jay on keys did a get back together rehearsel, first time in 15 years! With video..

  • Pulsating Personal Poetry

    In cafe RAAF in Rotterdam I asked some visitors to write and perform a little poem. I recorded and edited that. To hear the results click on this posts title...

  • Old Iranian song Golnar revived

    Together with my Iranian friends, Alirza Velayati and Ferri Ameri, we did a remake of this classic poetic song from Iran, called Golnar. It's now up in Music and Media

  • Dr. Livingstone album now has mp3’s

    The awesome fusionband Dr. Livingstone, that Jay used to play in as keyboardist in the 90-ies, comes to live with five mp3s on the albumpage of Dr. Livingstone. Have a listen! Dr. Livingstone Albumpage

  • Discography finished

    Many of the albums and singles Jay worked on, are now up in the Discography section. Take a listen and check out the album artwork and other details. More audio will be added over time. The Dr. Livingstone jazzfusion album has many mp3’s.  

selection of albums with others