About Jay


Jay is an artist with a broad and technical background. Not only does he sing and play keytar, he also composes and produces his owns songs. It shows through in his music. The cohesive and well thought out songs all have that characteristic Jay sound; electronic pop music with a modern synthesizer sound and a compelling present bassline. The synthesizer sound makes sure there is a nice melodic flow to the songs, while the groovy distorted bassline and tight beat make for highly danceable music. And it is not just the music that keeps you hooked. Narrative lyrics and some witty plays on words, keep you closely listening. Everything together makes for highly engaging music.

It really shows on stage. Jay wants to do more than just play pre-recorded music. As a true front man he sings and plays keytar, bringing the heart of the songs to his audience. And whether Jay is playing solo or with a band, you always have to move to the tight rhythm of the music.

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How about some real background though?!
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Bio by Marijn van de Vrie.