Jay – a technical musician

Singing, playing instruments, composing, producing…you would almost ask what Jay can’t do. But all those things together define Jay his approach to music nowadays. His music can be defined as electronic pop music, with a compelling present bassline and lyrics with a meaning. On stage Jay sings and plays keytar. Rather than playing pre-recorded songs, he brings the live performance of his electronic music to the audience. Whether playing solo or with a band, he knows how to get people moving to the highly danceable music.

In every self-composed and produced song, you can hear the typical sound of Jay. The songs are cohesive and well thought out. Somewhere things just clicked. But it took a long time to be that way.

At a young age, Jay started playing the drums. Not entirely satisfied and wanting to do more with music, soon he starts playing synthesizer. Even though he made the switch, you can still hear the urge for a tight rhythm in all his music. When Jay is seventeen, he discovers jazz-rock and jazz-fusion. It immediately feels like this is the music he wants to play.

Meanwhile Jay is playing around with tape loops, drum computers and music software. He starts using them when writing songs. In 1990 people begin to notice his gift for the technical side of music. He is asked to be technical assistant for studio productions, learning a lot from other musicians.

It is in the studio where he meets people from Dr. Livingstone, a jazz funk formation. Soon he is not only playing keys in the band, but also writing songs for them. They would play for nine years together, with as highlights a first place in the Dutch music competition “Popronde” and their own album “We Presume”.

Studying chemical technology at Delft Technological University, Jay uses his gift for the technical side of things. He learns how to program software. He finishes his study, but by then he already knows that music is his real passion. Building on his experience as a technical assistant, Jay starts an education to become audio engineer. After successfully completing this education, he starts his own company. Soon he is working as a studio and live music technician.

It is during this time Jay starts discovering dance music. But while making his first steps into the scene, he has to start working as a chemical engineer.

After a break of a few years from the music industry, Jay starts working as a producer. With a renewed energy he builds his own studio. A lifelong dream became true. A long list of EPs, albums and singles for all kinds of artists followed. During that time Jay also starts hosting music workshops for kids, teaching them the love for music and how it is produced.

In his studio, Jay starts experimenting with his own music again. He tries to combine dance and fusion. But despite his efforts, it doesn’t really seem to work out. Switching things up, Jay decides to start composing songs for a broader audience. At first he is writing songs for other artists, but soon it turns out the songs work out really well when being sung by himself.

Meanwhile Jay decides to move to a bigger city, Rotterdam. There he finds a great house, now called “Patches”, where he rebuilds his studio. With all the inspiration from the big city, he is now focusing on what he loves best, writing music for his forthcoming album.


Bio by Marijn van de Vrie.