Below some of the songs that Jay wrote and produced under his own name. Press the triangle to play. There’s some more stuff on SoundCloud



This song helped me quite a bit to find my own style in my post- jazzrock phase. It’s always been 99% finished, it still needs a fadeout and some extra trick in the tapestop, but I couldn’t wait to share it any longer.

      Speed - Jay van Bruggen




Transition State

This song was written when I tried to find middle ground between jazzrock and dance music.

      Transition State - Jay B





November 2012 ‘Sexysong’ was finished. Lot of fun and interesting to do. This song was quite a stretch for my vocal capabillities, there’s some bits that are very high for me, so I learned a lot doing it.

      SexySong - Jay van Bruggen



Walk the world

Walk the World

This was the first electronic pop rock song I wrote and produced in 2008. Featuring the then seventeen year old Leonardo Yanez on vocals. Vastah Blastah wrote and performed the awesome rap. 

      Walk the World - Jay van Bruggen

Lyrics to Walk the World