Walk the World – lyrics

Verse 1
It’s time to leave the past behind
And bring about the changes
You tried to bury in your mind – you see
Well I’ve been wondering
If you could face the truth yourself
But the strength in you would just decay
You tried to run away, wait for a better day

It aint what your mamma says
It just what your daddy says,oh no
Can’t you see girl,
You’ve got to walk the world just by yourself
Will you complain or will you confess
And take the blame for your own mess
What will it be girl
You’ve got to walk the world just by yourself

Verse 2
You struggle on your blurry path
it’s taking many paces, but you can see what’s up ahead
The world you left behind
Is breaking down in many ways
But now you’ve got the strength to break away
It’s taking work, but it ‘ll be okay

So you’ve turned it around babe
A hardened hart and a bruze on your soul
Leaving all that you know behind
Wrecks on the side of the road to go

Rap by and ft Vastah Blastah:

People always know what’s best,
Better than anyone else
But you and I know girl it’s not as simple as that
Better take the pain of your own mess, don’t be like the rest
Yeah you gotta walk the world just by yourself
And stay in good health don’t focus on wealth haha
You know what it is when it feels right
You don’t need someone by your side
Pick yourself up and fight FIGHT
So when the darkness sets, shine like a beacon of light
Make changes to aim for a better live and make it Aayt!